Terms, Conditions & Policies

Chirife Floral Design (hereafter "CFD") strives to provide a simple, easy and secure experience when customers order floral arrangements and gifts by providing the best products and customer service. As a professional flower shop, we understand the concerns of our clients. We have established the policies below to provide our customers with a complete understanding of how these situations are managed:

Substitutions in floral arrangements: Occasionally, substitutions of flowers, bases, fillers or other components may be necessary to create the floral arrangement that you have ordered through CFD's e-commerce portal. This could be caused by the unavailability of some flowers or fillers (greens) , or the discontinuation of other components shown in the picture of the arrangement, including but not limited to the vases, baskets, ribbons, cards, balloons, etc. Our professional florists will put all the effort required to maintain (as close as possible) the same style, theme and color scheme of the arrangement that has been ordered, using flowers and floral arrangement components of equal or higher value.

Refunds and Replacements: Your satisfaction is at the top of our priority. If for any reason you, or the recipient of your floral arrangement or gift, are not completely satisfied with any of our products, please contact us promptly, and we will be glad to provide an appropriate adjustment, replacement, or refund, depending on the particular situation. We may ask you for pictures of the item showing what is being reported as the problem with the item. Keep in mind that flowers, plants, fruits, and some other edible items are perishable gifts. Proper care is required, like avoiding exposure to heat, watering, provide refrigeration, etc. Refunds and replacements may not be possible after an item's useful life has been reached, or if after the delivery the item has been handled harshly, dropped, or exposed to unfavorable environmental conditions.

Local Delivery Policies: CFD is not responsible and will not issue a credit for the order for failed deliveries due to circumstances beyond its control, such as the ones indicated below:

  • General: No one being available to accept a package when we attempt to deliver, a patient being discharged from a hospital at the time of the delivery, hotel guest has checked out at the time of the delivery, severe weather conditions, traffic jams or other unforeseen factors.
  • Unable to find the delivery address or addressee: Customer is expected to provide complete and accurate delivery information, including the recipient's full name and address including ZIP code, apartment number, phone numbers, gate/security entrance instructions, and any other piece of information that would help to find the recipient and proceed with the delivery of the order.
  • Delivery time not met: Even when in some cases CFD allows customers to indicate a preferred time-frame for the delivery to happen (morning, noon, afternoon), it may be impossible for CFD to complete the delivery in that particular time slot due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Refused Deliveries: The recipient, for whatever reason, will not accept the item or refuses the delivery.
  • Not covered areas: CFD simply cannot deliver to all areas, even within the served ZIP codes. CFD reserves the right to reject deliveries to certain areas. In such cases, customer can pick up the ordered items from the store during business hours, and if the customer paid for delivery, this amount will be returned.

What CFD does in such cases: If the delivery cannot be completed for any of the reasons mentioned above, or whatever other reason, the item will be returned to our floral shop and the customer can pick it up the next business day during regular working hours. Delivery charge won’t be returned as the delivery attempt took place. It is very important that the customer provides his or her contact number so CFD can call to notify of any issue.

Other situations:

  • Cancellations: If a cancellation request is received by CFD after the order is out for delivery or it has been delivered, no refund can be issued. 
  • Questionable orders: CFD reserves the right to reject any order or delivery of an order that we deem questionable, possibly fraudulent, or for which customer payment information cannot be verified with the appropriate credit card issuer. CFD will do it's best to contact the person who ordered the item to let him or her know.